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Penis Enlargement Video # 13: The Oriental Massage (part 4)

Part 4) After the last exercise, you should be fully erect or pretty close to it. Grab your penis right behind the head and pull it to the left side. Begin to rotate your penis in circles with a “cranking” style. Perform this nine times. Perform again for the right side.

Part 5) For your last penis exercise, grab your penis right behind the head and pull your penis straight out. Keeping the tension on your penis, touch the head of your penis lightly to the inside of your left thigh and then straight out again. Perform this nine times.

Perform 4 and 5 for the right side.

6) After performing your penis exercises, you should relax in a hot tub or a warm bath. This will help to relax your penis tissue; similar to relaxing your muscles after workout. You may want to massage your penis a little bit at this time (or better yet, get your wife, girlfriend, or boyfriend to do it for you!)

* Reminder- if you are just starting you should perform the exercises about 3-5 times a week. After you get used to it, you can increase the amount of pressure on your pulls gradually, and you can work up to performing the exercises (the jelq and Oriental Massage) two times a day.

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